Blow Moulding Machines

Single/Multi Parison Continious Blow Moulding Machines

Blow Molding 

Blow molding is a conversion process wherein heat and pressure are applied to pelletized thermoplastic materials that are extruded into a cylindrical tube called a “parison”. The molten “parison” is suspended within an aluminum mold closing around it. The mold halves are held together with a large hydraulic press while air is injected into the center of the part, forcing the plastic to push outward and replicate the cavity of the mold. In addition to the actual part cavity, the molds have water lines to assist in cooling and solidifying the part.


Once the finished product is removed from the mold, the next step is the de-flashing process where excess material is trimmed and removed from the molded part. Any excess material, or “flash” is ground up using a dedicated grinder positioned at each machine to ensure that each specific material is not mixed with dissimilar plastics from adjacent machines. The “regrind” material is conveyed to a blending unit where it is accurately metered and blended with the prime material and reused into the next part.

Many products made from metal, wood or other materials can be converted to plastics, in many cases offering greater design freedom and part consolidation. Other advantages of designing for
plastics with the blow molding process are weight reduction, improved structural and dimensional stability, chemical resistance and heat resistance.

Accumulater Head Blow Moulding Machines

Blow Molding Machines

Yelkenciler Engineering, provides customized blow molding plastic processing machines. Our company leads the plastic blow molding industry with its extensive experience and individualized product offerings for packaging, toys, appliances, and automotive industries.

Yelkenciler Engineering supplies specialized machines such as

  • The one or two station, single or multiple heads
  • With co-extrusion/with nitroge
  • In a large spectrum capacity. (0.2-220 liter)

Machines accelerated with nitrogen provide a higher efficiency than standard models, while the most desirable nitrogen accelerated machines have multi-directional nozzles for use in the automotive, toy and white goods industries.

Furthermore, intensive research and development enhanced the nitrogen accumulator head to provide faster color change and quicker parison flow to increase efficiency by 30 percent, as the new design decreases energy consumption, raw material waste, and production time.

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These machines have the latest computer-controlled programmers, which uniquely allow us to more accurately control the parison (extrusion) and thereby control part dimension accuracy and wall thickness. The controllers also have multiple actuators that can be used to control cams, multiple air needles, and hole punches. This allows for more innovative design features such as undercuts in the finished part.

Control units recall prior processing settings using a single button command. The machine’s heat settings can be set for a specific date and time, which can be configured through the internet. Strong security systems prevent machine programming interference, making Yelkenciler Engineering Blow Molding Machines efficient and simple with portable command ability to configure production settings that meet your needs.