Film Extrusion Lines

Film Extrusion

Plastic bags and sacks are made by the Blown Film process – a form of Film Extrusion. Blown film is created when the molten plastic material (or melt) is extruded through a ring-shaped die to form a continuous tube of plastic which is simultaneously inflated with air to form a plastic bubble. The bubble must be maintained at a constant pressure throughout the production run.

The bubble is carried through variable speed rollers to the point where it reaches the required size and is cooled by air to convert it into a solid film tube of the desired thickness or gauge. The tubing is then guided by pinch rolls to become ‘Lay Flat’ film which is wound, slit and trimmed automatically before being converted into a wide range of film and bag products – often involving printing and sealing.

Yelkenciler Engineering relies on years of research and development and manufacturing experience to provide blown film machinery solutions that increase profitability. After extensive product testing we feel confident that our unique equipment designs live up to our claims of high performance film extrusion and plastics processing systems.