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Yelkenciler Engineering, with its versatile technology support and superior service, promises you a commercial cooperation. It offers a support network in more than 40 countries and stands behind the work machines in this country. The success of the Yelkenciler is their integration with suppliers specialized in their production.Yelkenciler Engineering is your solution for plastic processing technology with its technological leadership, innovation, foresight and uncompromising quality.



Yelkenciler Engineering, which is one of the leading brands in the packaging industry, has a wide range of products.


Yelkenciler Engineering offers flexible solutions in the molds it produces for the sector. There are complex algorithms in the molds.


Yelkenciler Engineering offers quality solutions to the sector with its experience in hospital equipments.



→ 4-7 Aralık Tarihlerinde Gerçekleşek olan Tüyap Plast Eurasia Fuarına Katılıyoruz!

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Tüyap Plast Eurasia 2018 Exhibition Held Between December 5-8!