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YELKENCILER Engineering is one of the leading global manufacturers of plastic processing machines. Since established, Yelkenciler Engineering has the aim of delivering the best quality plastic processing machines; either manufactured or imported by Yelkenciler Engineering. Our company is a renowned product brand in the local and global market, by providing the latest technologies and maintaining a competitive product cost. A critical factor in Yelkenciler’s success is our global support network that ensures 56 countriesthat we stand behind our products.

With history of more than 40 years, Yelkenciler Engineering designs Blow Moulding Plastic Processing Machines, Extruders and Extrusion Lines, Re-cycling Machines, Film Extrusion Lines and Injection Moulding Plastic Processing Machines.

The conceptual, strategic, and organizational structure of the company accommodates the needs of customers. Fast, flexible, and technically perfect solutions of customers’ requirements are the first and primary task.

The prestige built up by Yelkenciler Engineering is based on 40 years of experience, technological leadership, innovation, a flexible, customer-oriented organisation, a production staff which consists of the most highly skilled engineers, technicians, and workers, uncompromising quality and forward-looking thinking, which picks up on and develops farsighted ideas ahead of our competitors.

Yelkenciler’s success key is its ability to develop a policy of integration and cooperation which has generated a highly specialized production group.

The well-going economic efficiency benefits from excellent marketing strategy and professional sales service. We further strength the understanding with customers and form a good inter-communication.

The international trade department in Yelkenciler Engineering invests a large sum in overseas internet. We guarantee you that you will receive a star-scale service no matter your size of company once you are being our customers. Through by the idea “customer’s satisfaction is the sole standard” and building of the customer’s information data basis Yelkenciler Engineering strengthens communication with customers. The all-sided technology supporting and supreme service promises your successful business journey.

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