Yelkenciler Engineering, your solution for plastic processing machines...

Blow Molding Machines

Yelkenciler Engineering, provides customized blow molding plastic processing machines. Our company leads the plastic blow molding industry with its extensive experience and individualized product offerings for packaging, toys, appliances, and automotive industries.

Extrusion Lines

Yelkenciler Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality custom plastic extruders. We supply extruders or complete extrusion lines at competitive prices to a variety of customers across wide range of trade sectors.

Injection Molding

Yelkenciler Engineering combines many years of experience  of producing injection molding machines with mass production and price advantage of its facilities in Far East and ensures Yelkenciler quality and support.

Film Extrusion Lines

Yelkenciler Engineering relies on years of research and development and manufacturing experience to provide blown film machinery solutions that increase profitability. After extensive product testing we feel confident that our unique equipment designs live up to our claims of high performance film extrusion and plastics processing systems.